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Is It Time To Replace Your Residential Glass Windows?

Repairing Windows and screens in the homeWhen winter arrives in Canada, you start to experience bitter temperatures depending on the region that you live in. It’s time that you check out your windows to see if they are damaged, aging or has reached the time to be replaced. If you have damaged or outdated windows, it can hamper your home’s beauty and increase the heating and cooling costs. Here are some clues that can tell you whether it’s time to replace your windows.

Fogged windows

When you have fogged windows, moisture starts to build up and become visible between the panes of glass. This is an indication that the window seals are not working. This problem is more often seen in houses that get the most sunlight. When the solar energy is more, your window seals get shrunk and cracked. So, moisture seeps between the panes.  Seeking out the services of a recommended Coquitlam glass repair firm will ensure that any repairs or installations are done correctly.

Excessive heating and cooling costs

Windows present the most number of opportunities for moisture to enter the house. The older windows are made from old materials and using old techniques. So, there is a chance that there may be damaged seals. This will cause your energy bills to rise, and your HVAC equipment will be affected.

Damaged or broken parts of windows

The obvious signs that you need to replace your windows are cracked glass and broken hardware. If there is damage to the seal or frame, the problem is not detected right away. Damaged seals or frames can cause serious problems later on. You may start to see damage in the areas near your window, like peeling paint on walls, rotting wood in the external frames, etc. These are sure signs that it’s time to replace your windows.

Broken sash locks

If you sash locks are broken or missing, it can make your home vulnerable to thieves. The security of your home is important. Good sash locks help to keep your windows secured and also makes windows more energy efficient. These locks push the sashes into the frame. The top and bottom sashes are pulled together to form a tight and moisture resistant seal.

Most people think that replacing the glass windows of your house is a very expensive and big construction project, particularly during the holiday season. Some good contractors can make quick installations at an affordable cost.  An experienced contractor will make sure that your daily activities are not affected by the construction process. When you decide to replace your window, make sure you buy from a reputed manufacturer. This will give you a warranty, and your windows will last for a long time. You should be careful in choosing a contractor for installing your new windows. If the windows are not installed correctly, the problems of moisture build up, and other problems will remain. So, hire a good contractor for the job like Local Glass Works – a Coquitlam glass repair firm that is very highly rated.  Contact them at for more information or a free quote on your next glass project.