Hiring A Professional Magician

Magic TrainingThe magic industry is quite unregulated which means one has to be careful on the kind of magician they hire for a special event. Most magicians are freelancers and specialize in different areas of the magical arts. Thus, there are certain factors that determine whether the magician hired is for the right event.

Hiring a Magician for a Kid’s Birthday Party

One general factor about kids is that they are difficult to control. As you hire a magician for children, make sure they can handle all the children who will be attending the party. The attention span of children is short, so they will need someone who will keep them wowed throughout the session. Hence, the best magicians for kids’ birthday are those who are comfortable around kids and magicians who know the right tricks to capture their attention.

Moreover, entertaining children works better if done from one central point. Hiring a magician for children will work better if there will be an available stage at the party. The stage should be considerably raised so that all the kids can view the performance. The magician will have more control this way and can gauge the attention of the kids and know when to switch tricks in case they are getting bored.

Hiring a Magician for Corporate Events

There will be no children in a corporate party thus the audience is more mature. Getting a magician for company parties is a bit complex because adults tend to have sophisticated entertainment needs. So get a magician who is highly experienced in complex tricks.

Additionally, considering a magician for corporate events is a lot easier in choosing a venue because an indoor stage may not necessarily apply. If the magician is comfortable with adults, he can mingle with them and perform tricks to small groups within the audience. As most adults prefer making new friends and contacts in corporate parties, a whole session of magic may not be ideal for them. A few minutes of up close magic will do the tricks.

Even young kids are learning how to do magic and it’s a great practice to introduce if your child has an interest.  Check out this young magician in training here:

Additional Factors to Consider When Hiring an Event Magician

It is ideal to call the magician before hand and know the kind of tricks they will be performing and equipment they will carry. Calling beforehand also gives time to go through the list of tricks and cancel out those that will appear offensive.

When hiring magicians for company parties or kids events, it is an added advantage if the magician is associated with a group or club. There are organizations like the International Brotherhood of Magicians that registers magicians. Any magician associated with a club or group is more professional and will do a good job.

Lastly, hire magicians with a good price rate. If possible, interview several magicians and see how much they will charge for the particular event. Additionally, meeting the magicians in person helps vet their personality and determine if they are the right people for the job.

Magicians for company parties or kids events can be hired through referrals or in online websites. Referrals work better because it shows the magician is able to deliver if the previous client was satisfied with them. You probably want your event to be memorable thus the entertainment options should be memorable as well; make sure the magician hired can deliver on this dream.  In the New York City area you can contact one of the top children’s and corporate magicians – Matias Letelier – at http://www.nymagicianforchildren.com and be assured of a fantastic event.