The Many Varieties Of Craft Beer & Liquor At Your Local Neighbourhood Pub

Craft Beer Store & Liquor Store

Craft Beer Store & Liquor Store

There’s nothing like a nice cold beer after a hard day at the office. From domestic selections to foreign imports, your local neighborhood pub is the perfect venue to relax and wind down. Whether looking for craft beer or that elegant glass of Merlot, pubs that serve craft and local beer simply feature a vast selection of liquors at amazing prices. In fact, they are known for their variety of beers, along with the finest wines and spirits that will truly dazzle your taste buds. While you can surely visit your local Government beer store or liquor store, their selections simply pale in comparison to what a private store offers. When it’s a specialty store attached to a pub in an upscale setting, this is synonymous with high quality choices for one and all.

Craft Beer Selections

While niche pubs cater to an upscale and trendy client base, their high quality beers, wines, and liquors are perfect for all events and occasions. In recent years, many within Canada have rediscovered the captivating and compelling taste of craft beer. With simplicity at its finest, these unique beers are known for their smooth texture and tantalizing aftertaste. Whether taken with snacks or the finest selection of cheese, craft beers go down smooth and will simply have you wanting more. There are also a myriad of popular craft beer selections for beer enthusiasts and aficionados. This includes American Stout, which truly captures the allure and essence of fine German beer. There is also India Pale Ale, Red Ale, Barrel-Aged Beer, and countless varieties for those that love the exquisite taste of finely aged beer.

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Other Craft Beer Varieties

As a haven for craft beers, these niche players showcase some of the best domestic and international varieties. In fact, these beers have received stellar reviews from customers and critics alike.  Many have also won awards in leading wine and fine gourmet magazines. No matter your particular taste or preference, you can truly find a wide array of craft beer selections at your local neighborhood pub. Local bars are also great for meeting new friends and rekindling old friendships. Whether to watch your favorite hockey team, take in the daily food specials or simply to relax, immerse yourself in true comfort as you sip the best craft beer Canadian pubs have to offer. In addition to the varieties mentioned above, other popular selections include:

·         Chocolate Beer

·         Coffee Beer

·         English-Style Brown Ale

·         Fruit and Field Beer

·         German Style-Bock

·         Gluten Free and/or Organic Beer

·         Irish-Style Dry Stout

·         Scottish Ale and so much more!

Wine and Spirits

While craft beer is certainly an acquired taste in some cases, quality pubs also feature some of the finest wines and spirits in the country. This includes deep dark red wines, along with sparkling white wines and lavish vodka varieties. From Merlot and Chardonnay to Grey Goose and Chivas, you truly have a wide array of quality wines and spirits to select from. There are even gift baskets available at local stores, which are perfect for corporate functions or social gatherings. Local liquor stores also have snacks, along with a blend of non-alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. If you love to drink and are looking for the best selection of items in your city, no one does it better than a specialty pub and liquor store chain. With popular local pubs and a chain of well-stocked beer stores and liquor stores, now is the time to visit their venues and experience the difference for yourself!

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