Bad Website Design

What is the most poorly designed website you have ever visited? And yes I have been searching and I have found many but I just can’t seem to find one that is presentable for a class project. I have to give an example of a very badly designed website for class that people really use but all the sites I visited that are bad are about stuff I cannot present in class, and any of the other ones are ones that no one would really go to. Meaning I need to find a poorly made website that is for a general audience and not adult, gross, racist, disturbing or controversial in content. It needs to be a site that people really use and is suitable for a mainstream general audience. By the way if your wondering what I mean by bad design, I mean even annoying text, confusing navigation, irritating colored themes or backgrounds, etc. Any help will be greatly appreciated. After looking around, I learned -• These sites are my dead ones because my friend and I made a new and better site. They’re really bad. . Especially the first site.

Pablo talking about what makes for good and bad design.