Church Website Design

I’m not what you’d call a “professional” web designer, I’m a graphic artist who happens to know some decent HTML/CSS skills. I really have no flash knowledge, and refuse to learn it, because I absolutely hate sites with flash. Anyway, somebody contacted me asking me to design a website for their church. She is going to call me to discuss “pricing”. What do you think would be a reasonable flat rate price to ask for? It’s a kind of small town. I want to be fair to both her AND me (: it’s just kind of a small/side project, I don’t think i’m going to need a “team”. and I don’t really know what my “usual” rate is, since I don’t do them professionally. Basically… I’ve been designing website for over 10 years now. During my experience, I have designed several websites for churches – large and small. I understand and appreciate your consideration of the church being from “a small town”. What matters more is considering the size of the website. If it is just a basic 6 page website for a “small town church” and you are a novice web designer then I believe $250 is a fair price. On the other hand, if the church requires 20+ pages you might consider increasing the price to around $500. Here’s a tip. Research other web designers in your area. Call/email them and ask what they charge. They’ll ask you about your expectations, the size of the website, logos, graphics, etc. This will give you a ballpark figure to work with. Mark down the price to something you’re comfortable with. I hope this helps. Paul Podczervinski www. Leadersinedesign. Com

Clover Church Website Design Demo Video.