Nice Website Design

I’m trying to design a nice website for a restaurant. I would like it to have some nice flash animation, and nice music in the background. What’s the best program to use? Adobe? Any good websites with tutorials? Thanks. 10 ptss. Today I found out that… Hey Rob, Being that your somewhat new to creating a web site – I would encourage you to not bite off more than you can chew at first lest you want it to turn into a headache. Consider visiting where you can find a nice HTML template to start with and go from there. As far a nice tools – it really depends on what your doing but for visual WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editors – Adobe Dreamweaver is a good start and offers a broad range of features for beginners to experts. Regarding flash and embedding music. I would suggest you look at and finding a flash project that somewhat meets your requirements you can freely download and modifying it to your liking. The learning curve can go up fast depending on how ambitious you are. Both links I provide have open source templates you can download and modify fairly easily. As far as music is concerned – you can also consider embedding a flash player of your favorite song or songs from services like IMeem. Here is my profile This should give you an idea regarding players and playlist players. That way you don’t need to learn to program the player – only embedding it and they give you the source to copy and paste like this. The key is to use federated services like RSS, YouTube, Facebook, YUI, IMeem, Etc. . There are a ton of free services you can use to make your own site more feature rich and compelling Good Luck Brother