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1. Which programs are recommended for building websites? And what are the prices? 2. Which programs facilitate template plug-ins? 3. Where in NYC (preferably Manhattan or Queens) can you get a certification in web designing? The cost of such a course? Just a course in 6 months the most- NO DIPLOMAS, DEGREE or 1 YEAR PROGRAM.

4. What programs, combinations and techniques are used to create the site 5. Is it recommended to use a free web-hosting service for a professional website with customers? What are the disadvantages. Essentially — 1. “Amateurs”, “beginners”, “unqualified Web Designers” use WYSIWYG software (Dreamweaver, Frontpage etc) to design their sites, and some graphic software (ie Photoshop). They know nothing about programming and, very often, have no knowledge of what the “web” can do. Professionals, on the other hand, use a simple text editor, and CODE properly in various languages (usally, MANY of them).

2. Again, the use of “templates” is reserved to non-professionals. Templates are usually developed by “not-too-good” programmers, and are rarely functional on ALL browsers, at ALL resolutions. Only professionally designed templates (at that time NOT free), are suitable for some purpose, but often used just as a starting point. A pro will build up his own templates and adapt them to each client requests and needs.

3. No (serious) course will give you a “real” certification in “web Design” in such a short time scale: these are just scams: you CANNOT learn graphic design, several languages and gain experience in six months. You cannot become fluent in Photoshop, or in Php, or in ASP, or in ANY language in six months. This takes time. Any diploma offered in such a short time is a joke.

4. That site is fully developed as a “Flash” website: one of the major errors in web development: designers use them to prove they can write in Flash. Mistake: A Flash website will not work on all browsers, requires the latest Flash version installed and, for the worse, is a total Website Killer: 80% of users, if hitting a flash website, will hit tha back button BEFORE the flash is loaded. Only game addicts MIGHT stay on. . Commercially, a suicide. (Unless, of course, you are in the GAME business, which will demand you to have 10-20 years of programming experience and/or several 100’s of 1000’s of £$€ to start with. . ) 5. ANY user of a free host is a kid, an amateur, a beginner or a total web-illiterate. Free hosts do not provide any database, any server-side script, bombard you with adverts and do not give you the control you require. Commercially, a suicide. Professionally, an indelebile stamp of “Jack of all trades, master of none”. Stay as far away as you can.

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