Photography Website Design

Right, so, I’ve got my options coming late Jan/Early Feb. I think I know what I want to do, and that’s photography and website design. I know that if I want to do website design and editing of pictures etc, etc, I’ll have to pick ICT. So, that’s sorted – only, I don’t know what to pick for photography? Art? I’m confused. :l They haven’t started talking to us about out options just yet. (if that matters) Thanks in advance. =3. Well, I have your answer right here. Art would make sense as Photography is a discipline of art. The question you need to think for yourself is How strong is your drawing skill? Is it strong, studying art will give you a stronger appreciation for art and photography combined. You will also learn about composition and perspective and colour theories, this will all help you to improve you photography. If you drawing skill is good but not strong, but your ideas and concepts are, you could try graphic design. There will be drawing on this course but ideas and concepts are it focus, through this course you’ll learn about presentation and visual appeal. This can also help you with your photography. If you drawing skill is weak, study photography and pick another subject you enjoy.

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