SEO for Kelowna Photographers

Wedding PhotographerThere are millions of photographers in just North America alone. With so much competition, it can be hard to stand out, especially on the vast expanse of the Internet. You can apply SEO, or search engine optimization, techniques in order for your website to be discoverable by search engines.

Make Images Searchable

You will need to create tags and captions for your images so they can be found in a Google image search. Computers can do just about anything but search engines still aren’t able to tell what is going on in a picture. It is also important to save the picture’s file name as something that is descriptive, like “beach-at-sunset”.

Figure Out Keywords

Pinpoint your keywords since these are the most important avenue for people to find your site. Keywords are the phrases that people type into the search engine and usually include their location. While it is important to include your local area in the keywords, avoid overusing them in conjunction with the photography type. A great way to figure out what your keywords should be is to think about what potential clients might type into a search bar and go from there.

Get Social

Go social and create a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook that is back linked your site. Make sure each social media page includes information like who you are, the services you provide, your location and contact information. This information needs to be easy to find and in a conspicuous place.

Become a Blogger

Who doesn’t love to read a good story with some amazing pictures? Create a blog and update it every week. You can use your blog to tell the story of the subject you are photographing or a tutorial on how to get the perfect shot. A blog is a great way to keep your site current; updated webpages get ranked higher than those that are stagnant.

Get Listed in Local Directories

Make sure that you are listed in your local online directory. It is imperative that all the information is up to date and correct. If the information is not right, then your rankings will go down. Google typically will use this information to decide if your website should get moved up in your local rankings.

SEO is extremely important because it helps new clients find you and helps you convert returning visitors. It is a great way to get your webpage noticed and to let your photography shine.

When you’re ready to take your business to the next level, consider contacting a professional Kelowna SEO company to market your business.

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