Web Design Programs

Any reputable degree programs, both online or in person, for Web Design. Today I found out that… Hey there. Web Design itself is not a degree field. It is a diploma/certificate field. If you do wish to obtain a degree, there are two options: Computer Science degree Software Development degree (added as a more specific branch from the computer science program in recent years. ) For a reputable place to pursue any of the above, including web design, that entirely depends on your location. As for a reputable online program, they may be accepted by any employers, however, I don’t think any would be considered “reputable”. I should also mention that there are also more specialized areas one can study that are related to the web design field such as: Network Administration, Database Design and Administration, among others. You should be able to find something locally that would offer any of the above and, when it is from an accredited school, would be perfectly acceptable.