Website Database Design

Actually I am trin to design a website to write blogs. just as a term project. but dun know from where to start design database. . Plz guide me. I think I found an answer. You need to design several tables. Following is for a VERY simple blog site. If this is going to be for multiple users start at 1 else skip to 2 1 – Users Stores a list of user logins, details about the user (email address, password, whatever you want to store about them) 2 – Blog text table Should use a secondary key (link) to the Users table if you are using one, date & time of post, post text, anything else you can think of that you want for each blog entry 3 – Comments table Link it back to the blog text table so you can have other users make comments on an entry. Comments text, date etc. If you want a user to be logged in to comment then this should also link back to the users table. Try this. . ——————————————— UserTable LogonName (PrimaryKey – Unique username for each person who can post) Password Email RealName ——————————————— ——————————————— BlogTextTable BlogEntryNumber (Primary key – used to link comments back to each entry – a number that increments for each entry) LogonName (linked back to LogonName in UserTable) DateTime BlogText ——————————————— ——————————————— CommentsTable CommentNumber (Primary key – should just be a number that increments for each entry) LogonName (Who’s posting this comment) BlogEntryNumber (Links back to the previous table so we know what the comment is about) DateTime CommentText ——————————————— Make sense?