Website Design For Dummies

I am new, but I really want to learn how to design a website for a non-profit organization. I already own the website adress and have server space. So what is the best software to do this with? Someone told me MS FrontPage is good, but is it possible to learn on your own or is that getting in over my head? I do have a friend that designs websites for a living, but first of all she is very busy and secondly, she told me she taught herself and said it was easy. What how-to book do you recommend? FrontPage for Dummies? What about Video Professor? Thanks in advance for any advice. After looking around, I learned — Web designing is not a difficult task, but to begin with you definitely require someone to show you the 1st step. The best software you can use is dreamweaver, its a staright forward one when you have the basic idea. Ask you are friend to give oyu an hour or go through the tutorials found online or along with all these softwares. All you need is the besic idea, after that its gonna be your self interest, how well you want to learn, keep working on it and youll know more about it-thats self experience talking. Best of luck.